Good Vibrations: Creating safe space with crystals. With Judy Hall.

– an event Drumul spre Centru. Bucharest, 22nd of April 2018 –

Do you want to feel safer wherever you are? Crystal grids are an incredibly simply but profoundly effective way of creating a safe space in which to live, work and have your being. Grids safeguard space, neutralize toxic dross and create abundance. They stabilize energies at home or away.

One of the most beneficial effects of a grid is on the human energy field. Grids unblock and rebalance the chakras and aura, dispersing dis-ease, protecting you no matter where you may be. To stand inside a crystal grid is a vibrant event, profoundly energizing and activating. Or a deeply peaceful happening, taking you to a point of stillness and ultimate union. It all depends on the intention of the grid and the crystals used.

Crystal grids are a synthesis of powerful crystal vibrations and sacred geometric energy. Combining several crystals into a grid has far more impact than placing one crystal alone. The seemingly flat, one-dimensional shape of a grid actually creates a multi-dimensional energetic net, which expands throughout the space in which the grid is situated.

In this experiential workshop you will have the opportunity of exploring exactly which crystals and grids work best for you in every area of life.

PLEASE NOTE: The workshop will be conducted in English without translation.

Contribution: 120 euros.

(For juridical entities add 20%).

Schedule: Sunday 22nd of April 2018, 9.30-17.00

Looking forward for this experience together!

Ana Maria

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